Saturday, March 29, 2008

20th Thing: The Final Thing

Well, I have come to the 20th Thing. It has been quite a journey. Some of the things I found to be very easy and some were challenging. I believe I got better as I worked on the 20 Things.
My favorite was web 2.0. It held so much information, that i really enjoyed searching.
I think everyone has the potential to learn if they apply themselves. Pamunkey Regional Library supports us with learning devices that help us personally and as staff members which help us to better serve our patrons. Thank you.
I do not think there were any surprises. I knew there is a lot out there and learning how to access it was a big help.
I think it would help to have the 20things broken into different sessions. This would give more time to devote to each of the things.
I would like to now go back to each of the 20things and explore some more. I am sure I will learn something new with each trip.
Thank you


WeavingLibrarian said...

Cynthia -

Excellent work. I am so impressed with all you did and all that your staff did.

Thanks, Patty

Dirt Road Diva said...

Congratulations on finishing the 20 things!

peg said...

Well, you have no idea how surprised I am that you have a blog! I sure hope you continue with it. I think everyone should blog. So where are the recipes??
I'm looking forward to some I haven't seen before.