Saturday, March 29, 2008

20th Thing: The Final Thing

Well, I have come to the 20th Thing. It has been quite a journey. Some of the things I found to be very easy and some were challenging. I believe I got better as I worked on the 20 Things.
My favorite was web 2.0. It held so much information, that i really enjoyed searching.
I think everyone has the potential to learn if they apply themselves. Pamunkey Regional Library supports us with learning devices that help us personally and as staff members which help us to better serve our patrons. Thank you.
I do not think there were any surprises. I knew there is a lot out there and learning how to access it was a big help.
I think it would help to have the 20things broken into different sessions. This would give more time to devote to each of the things.
I would like to now go back to each of the 20things and explore some more. I am sure I will learn something new with each trip.
Thank you

19th Thing:Have a whale of a time with podcasts

I am sorry I did not have a whale of a time with podcasts. A number of items I searched would not appear. I finally found New York Times Book Review. Apparently I need more time on number 19. I will try this one again.

18th Thing:Web2.0

I selected as the site. When going to the site it brings up a town, and ask if they guessed correct. It brought up Glen Allen, Virginia. You then choose a subject and it does list upcoming events in that area, from Animal to Travel. I chose music,Concerts. Events were listed with times, date and admission fee if applicable. I then typed in Montpelier, Virgina and it listed one event. The upcoming Senior Citzen Luncheon at the Montpelier Park. I enjoyed searching this site and found nothing i did not like. It was easy to use. I think it will be helpful to staff and patrons looking for things to do and see.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

17th thing: On the road again with online productivity tools

I created a free account in Google Docs.
I expolored the site and created a couple test documents.
I tried to post a document to my blog, but did not succeed.
I believe Google Docs. will be very helpful when supervisors and managers or possibly manager and staff are working on task together. It would save having to read so many e-mails.
I am looking forward to the training in April.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

16th thing: It's a Wiki, Wiki, Wiki World

I looked at Book Lovers Wiki. It was dated 2006, however I did find a book that I had not read.
We have it in PRL and I have ordered it to read. The Book is THE PEARL DIVER by Jeff Talarigo At Book Lovers is give personal book reviews.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

15th thing: Second Life

I watched two vidoes on Second Life.
1. A Second Life Holiday - Made me want to go to the beach.
2. Ants in Second Life: I looked at this thinking of the Summer Reading Program. It gave some facts about ants.
This was not my favorite thing as I do not enjoy watching television and not many videos or movies. I really do not care for the animated ones.
So I am moving on to number 16.

14th Thing:Library2.0

I enjoyed reading Away from Icebergs.
I think Pamunkey Regional Library has great customer service.
Change is always happening and change is good.
We will need to continue great customer service as the library of the future comes.

13th Thing

i explored Technorati. I could not get the video working, so i just read about it
Technorati has a lot of information and varity.
The most popular blogs were interesting.

12 th - del.icio.
on the 12 th thing i looked at Discardia. It is to help you get rid of stuff you no longer need.
I am using it to clean out my e-mail and documents.