Saturday, February 16, 2008

Number 11

Number 10

Number 9
I searched and
For some reason this number 9 seemed more difficult.
However it was interesting after I realized what I was doing.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

#8 Books, books, and more books

I have added 5 books my online catalog.

# 7

I have completed number 7. I will use one of the feeds to check the Richmond News.

number 6 yellow pages

I found on My Space "Dish to Your Heart's Content.
If has menus , special offers and events.
Having fun

Crunky Popjoy

Crunky Popjoy
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Lifelong Learning

When I am learning (work shops and/or training) I stress a little. But listening to Fran I think I will also add fun as it can be fun in learning. I realize I am responsible for my learning however I will take all opportunities offered to me.
Fran has a very good voice, made it pleasant to listen to.